Sell Your Beverly Hills Area House Fast Without Showings!

Are you willing to sell your home if you can get every single penny that it’s worth with no hassle and no showings? Yes, it’s possible! Due to the uncertainty in the world right now, you likely don’t want dozens of people coming through your home for showings. And it is understandable. If you are … Continued

5 Ways Selling A House Will Be Different In Beverly Hills This Summer

Late 2019 and early 2020 looked very promising for home sellers. But then everything slid sideways when the coronavirus came on the scene. Listings have dropped and sales have decreased, and the very process of selling a house has changed. But it’s not all doom and gloom, and, in fact, by late summer home sales … Continued

Schools In Beverly Hills Area (BHPO) 90210 Are Good! And Why It Is Important.

Irina Hill: Hi, this is Irina Hill, your local Beverly Hills realtor with Rodeo Realty, and today we are talking about schools. Why are we talking about schools instead of school districts? Because the Los Angeles School District is huge! And when we are looking for houses, we are looking for schools that are assigned…

How To Prepare Your Beverly Hills House For Sale Post Pandemic

They say this is the new normal – maybe . . . maybe not. But one thing is certain: people are now a lot more health-conscious and health cautious. And that applies to home buyers no less than any other consumers. This means, then, that the real state terrain has been altered too, especially for … Continued

Why It Is Important To Market Your Beverly Hills Area House

Irina: Hello, this is Irina, your local Beverly Hills Realtor with Rodeo Realty. And today we are talking about marketing houses. So, this video is for people who want to sell their homes. Often, people tell me that they don’t want to market their houses. They don’t want to put it on the MLS, especially…

4 Things Sellers Should Never Say When Closing a Home Sale in Beverly Hills

The doorbell rings, and you’re expecting them, so you put on your best-winning smile and open the door. And there they stand looking slightly nervously uncomfortable, but still with bright, eager hope radiating from their faces – the prospective buyers of the home you’re trying to sell. Things go well for a bit, but then you mention … Continued

Where To Go On The 4th Of July: Beverly Hills Roxbury Park

This is Irina your local Beverly Hills realtor with Rodeo Realty. And we are here today at Beverly Hills Roxbury Park. We have the 4th of July coming up, and they canceled all fireworks as they encourage us to stay home because we need to be safe. But I do understand that we might feel…