The Top 5 Mistakes Sellers Make When Buying a Beverly Hills

Selling a house doesn’t have to be as difficult as it seems or often is. The reason the whole selling process is sometimes so overwhelming and hard to pull off is that home sellers often make some common mistakes. If you don’t make those mistakes, selling can be much more manageable and successful. But in … Continued

5 Unique Ways To Sell Your House in Beverly Hills

Selling a house has never really been easy, but today it’s even tougher. With all the current economic uncertainty and selling challenges stemming from the pandemic, you have to do everything you can to make your listing stand out. But it can be done with a little creativity and some outside-box-thinking and marketing. So check … Continued

How To Draw Attention To Your Beverly Hills House During The Coronavirus

When you’re trying to sell, marketing – that is, drawing attention to your house – is one of the key things you have to do. The problem now is that the coronavirus pandemic has altered the real estate marketing landscape in some pretty significant ways. In addition, drawing attention to your for-sale house during the … Continued

Beverly Hills Post Office (BHPO) August Real Estate Market Update

Hi, this is Irina Hill, your local Beverly Hills Realtor, and today is the time for August market update. We have 128 listings in Beverly Hills post office, not Beverly Hills, area close to it in 90120 zip code. One of those listings is not on the market yet, it’s coming soon and 127 active…

5 Ways Beverly Hills Real Estate Agents Are Adapting During Coronavirus

The coronavirus pandemic has altered almost every aspect of our society. That’s especially true of the way many businesses conduct business in many industries now, particularly the real estate industry. Agents are having to adapt to these new conditions, and that also means it’s a different game for both real estate buyers and sellers. Showings … Continued

Beverly Hills August Real Estate Market Update

Hello, this is Irina Hill, your local Beverly Hills Realtor, and today we are doing August Beverly Hills market update. Currently we have a 197 active listings on the markets. 69 out of them are under $3 million. 23 are between $3 and $5 million. 34 listings are between $5 and $10 million, and 71…

Millennial Buyers in Beverly Hills

What generation has surpassed baby boomers in shear numbers, millennials. They are now well into their careers and they are searching for their first homes.  According to a report from, millennials will be doing the most home buying, predicted to reach 50% of all homes sold. The thing is, they decided for the most … Continued

6 Simple Home Improvement Tips For Sellers and Buyers in Beverly Hills

Both sellers and buyers want the same thing: to make their home worth more. Sellers want to increase their home’s value in order to sell at a higher price. And buyers want to increase the value of their big investment. But some of the recommended home improvement projects, such as a kitchen remodel, don’t yield … Continued